press release

A Statement by Diaspora Jews in support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace
(July 9, 2004)

1.      We, Jews who live in the Diaspora,  defend the right of the state of Israel  to live in peace and security. We recognize the central role of Israel for world Jewry, as a haven from persecutions and as the legitimate homeland for a people to whom the right to national independence was denied for centuries.

2.      Anguished by the loss of life and erosion of personal security suffered by Israelis at the hand of terrorism tolerated by Palestinian authorities, we renew our solidarity with Israelis.

3.      The policies pursued by the Israeli leadership have not provided Israeli citizens with security and peaceful coexistence with Palestinians and Arab neighbours. The government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is either unwilling or unable to put forth a genuine peace initiative that goes beyond the purely military repression of terrorism; the idea that the Palestinians will eventually accept a status of permanent submission to Israel is both unacceptable and unrealistic.

4.     The settlements and the seizure of land in the occupied territories endanger both the future of Israel as a democratic and Jewish state and the birth of a viable Palestinian state. The recent decision by the Israeli government regarding the unilateral disengagement plan does not seem to truly change this state of affairs. The security fence, which was initially proposed to be built along the Green Line as a self-defence measure against terrorist activity, is now in several areas cutting deeply into Palestinian lands, thereby inflicting intolerable hardships on Palestinian residents and spurring further conflicts.

5.      We Jews from the Diaspora support all the initiatives such as the Geneva Accord and the Ayalon-Nusseibeh petition which show that, despite the violence and the mistrust between the parties, a fair peace between Israelis and Palestinians is still possible.

Statement of Diaspora Jews in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace as it was published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on July the 9th 2004.

The statement was signed by approximately 700 individuals and 18 organizations from 19 countries. The Statement was published in Ma’ariv as well. The Ma’ariv file will be available soon along with the complete list of signatories.