August 24, 2005

Dear Prime Minister Sharon,
We, Jews from the Diaspora stand behind you and support your decision to withdraw from Gaza.
We believe that it is Israel’s obligation to secure its existence, as a democratic homeland for Jews worldwide, for future generations. Control over another people does not allow Israel to continue being a democratic Jewish State.
We urge you, Prime Minister, to conduct negotiations with the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) towards a final status peace agreement along the lines of the Geneva Initiative.
Prime Minister Sharon, the disengagement from Gaza is a source of hope for many Jews world-wide. It is a significant first step which must be followed by further negotiations towards a peaceful settlement with the Palestinians.

With respect,

National Committee for Labor Israel, USA
Martin Buber Group- Jews for Peace – Italy
Peace Now France
Jewish Secular Community Centre – Belgium
Ameinu USA
Belgium Friends of Shalom Achshav
Americans for Peace Now
Peace Now-UK
Brit Tzedek v'Shalom - USA
Union of Progressive Zionists - North America
Meretz USA
The "Two People – Two States" Group – Belgium