The Martin Buber Group - Jews for peace was created in Rome in 1988, named after the Viennese Jewish philosopher who emigrated to Palestine in 1938, where he taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Our Group took his name because of his attention to dialogue and the importance he attached to encounters with “the other” as a characteristic of human relations. On political grounds this translated into a farsighted call for the necessity of dialogue and reconciliation between Jews and Arabs in Israel and Palestine.

  Letter to PM Ariel Sharon


Petition 2for2


A Statement by Diaspora Jews in support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Statement of Diaspora Jews in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace as it was published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on July the 9th 2004.

The statement was signed by approximately 700 individuals and 18 organizations from 19 countries. The Statement was published in Ma’ariv as well. The Ma’ariv file will be available soon along with the complete list of signatories.


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